About Us

What makes us tick

Our principal activities are based upon the exciting world of international racing events where we continue to thrive. Bursting with fresh ideas and innovative, better ways of working we are focused on being at the cutting edge of the ever-changing and dynamic world of racing.

Our success is built on unrivalled expertise and access to an outstanding IT platform which has helped us to establish and maintain our position as a market leader.

At the very heart of what we do is the Newfield team, an enthusiastic band of talented people who thrive on challenging themselves to reach new heights of excellence.

We’re proud to be based in the Isle of Man. This is where we work, but also where we love to live. That’s why everyone at Newfield is committed to giving back to the Island community through involvement in local initiatives, supporting charities and sponsorship programs to help local sports teams thrive.

That’s just a taste of who we are. If you’d like to find out more about the Newfield philosophy, get in touch!