#NEWFIELD1000 April Challenge

Going into the Isle of Man Lockdown 3.0, we wanted to encourage our employees to get outside, get moving and raise money for our charity of the year. We decided to set staff the challenge of walking/running/cycling 1,000km to raise £1,000 for Victim Support. It wouldn’t be Newfield without some light competition so a leaderboard of the top 10 walkers/runners and cyclists was shared internally every week which became a hotly anticipated event.

We certainly underestimated how active our employees are and smashed the 1,000km goal in the first 10 days! We wanted to see how far we could push it so kept the competition going strong and finished April with 9,536.90km covered and £1,770 raised.

Over 45 of our employees contributed and we’re proud of every step or cycle completed.

A huge shoutout to our lead cyclist who completed 1,491.30km, reaching the goal single-handedly!