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COVID-19 :Thermometer Machine

Every year brings with it the excitement of uncertainty – but 2020 was unpredictable by anyone’s expectations. 

In the wake of COVID-19, the world experienced, to varying degrees of severity, ‘Lockdown’. It was (and still is for many) as though life had been put on pause, and humanity was forced to adapt. 

Companies were challenged to remain functionable with their workforce all at home. Some employees happened upon a ‘silver lining’ in this – juggling work and family life more closely. But the accidental discovery in the ability to work without a full office headcount, lead to cost-cuts, and even redundancies. Those lucky enough to secure employment in a newly competitive market, were often introduced to their new colleagues virtually, and forced to find their feet in their new role similarly! 

Here at Newfield, we were able to welcome our workforce back to the office rather quickly, thanks to our base here on Isle of Man. 

Though we were lucky enough to resume some semblance of ‘normal life’ sooner than other parts of the world; certain measures had to be put in place. And so arrived our amazing ‘temperature checker’ machines! 

On arrival to Reception, employees and (impressed) guests alike simply approach the thermometer gauge, and (zero contact necessary – it will tell you if you need to stand closer!) the machine is able to record the person’s temperature. It will then either happily chime a healthy person through, or warn of (uncharacteristic) hot-headedness.

Thanks to this innovative technology, plus the installation of contactless hand sanitiser machines (distributed throughout the building), and the maintenance of general hygiene – our office continues to be a safe place to work. Wherever you are, we wish you safe and well too!

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